Funding an early-stage startup can be highly satisfying and potentially lucrative. But where there is a high reward, there’s always high risk.

Among the most common reasons a startup fails, at least 30% are directly related to issues Ultrahaus Venture Studio can mitigate early in the process. Problems in product execution, timing to adjust the market fit, cost structure, and operations efficiency are all issues we can address through our dynamic and flexible framework.


Ultrahaus identifies skills the founding team needs to possess for fast-paced development, launch and operational efficiency. We’ll co-create the startup with these entrepreneurs, filling these gaps while preparing the company to scale independently through the following phases.

We partner with pre-seed investors in identifying and evaluating product ideas and startups with the potential for significant growth that can benefit from our product experience, shared services, and community connections.

Our Ideal Entrepreneur Profile

Product Criteria

Investors Criteria

In addition to providing capital, we expect a range of other valuable resources and expertise from our investors. Here are some of the things that we hope you can bring to the table: