As a startup founder or company executive, your focus must be on the core offer of your product or service and its competitive position within its market. Ultrahaus can help co-create your idea with you to achieve your specific goals. We will help you identify capability needs and plug gaps with our executive, tactical, and operational shared resources, creating a solid foundation for product development and business validation.

We work with the full range of capabilities needed to create successful solutions, mainly in the product-building process but also in go-to-market strategy,  identifying and validating product-market-fit, digital business modeling, and investments.

What Do We Do?

Depending on the maturity of your project, we can tailor a specific set of deliverables with tangible outcomes to your needs, such as:

Idea Validation

Research your target market to see if there is a need for your product or service. We look for data on market size, current trends, and the competition.

Customer Discovery

Gather information from potential customers to validate and refine your business offer. This process can also identify potential alternative markets or business models.

MVP Building, launching and testing

The goal is to validate the product idea and identify any critical issues before investing significant resources in further development.

Dynamic Roadmapping / Product Market Fit

Gathering and applying iterative user feedback to drive your product roadmap according to real-life scenarios so the product is quickly adapted promoting rapid experimentation.

Customer Traction and Scale

Identifying and converting the early adopters, using this process to design a growth strategy to expand the startup's customer base, revenue, and market share.

Operational Modeling

Defining and documenting operations , including processes, systems, and organizational structure. It is a critical tool for tech startups to ensure efficiency, scalability, and stability as they grow.

Capital sourcing

Obtaining funding for the startup is a critical aspect of early-stage startup growth.

How Do We Deliver It?

Working With Our Community

We also have built and nurtured a community of experienced experts that can help your idea grow. We can help you by facilitating connections within our network. 

Partners and Network

We’ve teamed up with industry experts over the years to be able to provide you with valuable and insightful information. We may not be experts in every sector or area, but we can depend on our network to answer any questions or niche problems that may arise.