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We help new and established companies optimize costs and generate new revenue with technology.

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Digital Transformation Projects

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Entrepreneurial mindset and Consultative approach

Our work with Startups and Small Businesses has provided us with ample opportunities to hone our business, product and consultative skills in addition to our deep technical expertise. We're often praised for our business-centric approach and how that differentiates us.


We work with you to identify the highest value business opportunities. We're not just developers. We also help with business, processes, design, business models, marketing, and more.


We build products and solutions using the newest technologies and ready-to-scale. We deliver to the highest quality standards with full testing coverage.


We work side-by-side with our clients to plan and successfully launch. Once live, we will work with your team to ensure stability and a smooth transition to long-term teams.

Efficient and Remote by design

Ultrahaus was designed to serve the SMB and Startup markets.

Our distributed remote model aligned with the Americas time zone enables us to tap into high value talent otherwise unavailable to our clients. Combined with our expertise in running remote teams, this translates to high value delivered to the clients profiles we serve without time zone friction.


Our squads specialize in business, product, design and development.


Our distributed team is used to working remotely, way before the COVID-19 pandemic.


Industry Segments
Our broad industry experience allows us to meet you where you are, speak your language and quickly add value.
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